Privacy Policy

We update our privacy policy regularly. If you are using the website, then you are required to read our privacy policy and it is considered that you agree with our privacy policy.

Here in this policy, “you” refers to the person who is using the website or submitting any data to this site.

Personal Information

We can collect your personal information that can be following -

* Your credentials like E-mail, Personal Information etc. Your credentials will not be disclosed by us to anyone. We take security measures to protect the confidentiality of our users/Customers.

* We can use your shipping address, billing address, tax registration and any other information that is relevant to the transaction you made on the website.

* We can collect the details of your computer system and network that you generally use to access our website.

Vastram Export may also use your personal information for sending you emails or providing information about marketing and material regarding services, products and other offers.

You agree & acknowledge that our collection, storage & processing of your personal information is for a legit purpose. You further agree & acknowledge that your personal details are considered essential for us to provide different services to you.

Compliance with Laws

We may disclose your personal information or details to these agencies or government, as we, believe it is necessary to respond to claims, to protect the rights of Platform or any third party, to prevent illegal activities etc. Your personal details can be provided to tax authorities in case requested by them.


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